Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Oracle's Passage

(For Chinua Achebe 1930 – 2013)

Your quill kept its strength to the very end
Goodbye, silvery gong
Farewell, tireless crier
Teller of tales and unsubtle truths

Valiant scribe, thank you for your screams
That shrilly bore witness to our trouble
For the persistent scrawl
That set forth our forgotten dreams
For the ceaseless screech of conscience
That told us our homestead was not at ease
For the straightness of your arrow
That found no tin gods to appease
For troubling the sirened bearers
Of fat yams and rusty knives
For the purposeful words that offered elegant meaning
To the mystery of ordinary lives

Your centre held in spite of the widening gyre
Fare thee well, earnest traveller
Find rest in the hallowed chambers
In the embrace of true immortality

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